Do You Want to be a Real Estate Agent? Here are 4 Misconceptions to Avoid

Real estate is one of those industries towards which people have a skewed perspective. The moment you tell someone you are a real estate agent; they already form a number of perceptions and assumptions concerning the nature of your work. However looking at the manner in which television shows and adverts depict real estate agents and their lifestyle, it is understandable. Agents are perceived to be people with big incomes and luxurious lifestyles.

While TV shows can be deceptive because they are made for entertainment, the misconceptions people have on real estate agents can be blinding and hence you should get rid of, if you are considering a career in real estate agency. The following are some of the top misconceptions.

Real Estate Agency is an Easy Job

Nothing can be further from the truth; real estate agency has its own challenges. Dealing with clients, supervising heated negotiations, and handling not-so-marketable properties can be a headache in itself. When you throw in the stress of unstable markets and a commission-based income, being a real estate agent is not one of the most enviable jobs.

Instead of it being an easy job, the appropriate view of real estate agency is that it is an interesting but challenging career. Not to mention you have to deal with nyc movers.

The Income is So High in this Field

Having seen real estate agents living in mansions, driving flashy cars, and closing million dollar deals, you can be excused to imagine that you get paid a lot to be a real estate agent. Inasmuch as wealthy agents exist, not every real estate agent out there makes a seven figure income.

According to research, the average gross income for National Association of Realtors Members who works between 40 and 59 hours a week is about $45,800. By all standards, this is a solid income but it cannot support a lifestyle where you maintain palatial vacation homes and a warehouse full of Ferraris.

Agents Operate on a Super Flexible Schedule

While it is true that real estate agents rarely work Monday to Friday 8 to 5, they have to be present whenever the clients’ needs them. This means you cannot abandon your office for days and even your vacation has to be planned. Because clients are busy people and they expect you as the agent to cater for their schedules, you may not have much time at your disposal to enjoy much flexibility. Success follows hard work and real estate agents are supposed to follow the needs of their clients.

Even without Training You Can be an Agent

With low barriers to entry, real estate agency is a business model that many people have emulated. Contrary to what a number of people believe, to be a real estate agent and a successful one for that matter, you must be educated and trained. Before starting to practice, licensed agents must satisfy the training guidelines as set by the state. Training and education can lift you above your competitors and make you a force to reckon with.

With the right personal interactions and strategic marketing tools, being a real estate agent can be rewarding!