How to Nail Your Sales Pitch in Commercial Real Estate

As a commercial real estate agent seeking to build your business, you will most often than not be pitching and presenting for property listings against competition in your area. Most commercial property owners ask for presentations from about 4 or 5 agencies as they prepare to list their property.

The window of opportunity to connect with the property owner will be a bit narrow and fast closing hence you need to master your presentation so that your selling, leasing, and marketing strategies can appeal to the property owner.

Below are some of the tips that go a long way in helping you craft and present your sales pitch and get that new listing.

Point Out the Uniqueness of Your Service

A majority of real estate agents use generic comments such as market knowledge, experienced staffs, market share and the duration they have been in the market. These are useful pointers but when you want to differentiate yourself from the rest in the industry, this is not how to go about it.

In pitching and presenting, generic comments have little to no value in helping you convert a listing. Your points of difference must be real and customized to meet the needs of the client. The presentational process must therefore be planned and optimized well in advance not just for the client but also the property in question. For example be able to tell a story of how you can be the solution to nearly every situation. An example would be the last hotel deal we did there was a full size antique grand piano in the lobby that needed to be moved and we knew that this was a stressor for the seller so the fact that we knew great piano movers in the area was a huge help.

Visit the Property and Take Photos

When you are doing your presentation, images play such a powerful and crucial role. The client will always show immense interest in his property and if this is well captured in your photos, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be given the listing. Do an excellent slideshow as this will push your sales pitch and presentation a notch higher.

Connect with the Client Sensually

A property presentation is essentially a conversation you have with the client on a number of levels. It will give you significant mileage if you bring together all the senses of your audience into the property presentation. This means your presentation must incorporate sound, touch and visual. The best way to achieve this is to load your computer with property images, hone your verbal presentation skills to pick out the differences in your service and have a property proposal to give your client for review.


This is an important ingredient to a successful presentation or sales pitch. Knowing how to engage and converse in a meaningful way can help you create a connection with your clients. Having a good grasp of market trends and local property knowledge can come in handy at this particular time.

Strategy and a Marketing Campaign

Every property listing must have a sound strategy on how it is going to market the listing. Given the unique trends of the local property market, the client needs to see how you will attract potential buyers and promising enquiries from the selected market. If the client believes that your solution is the best then you can convert the listing on exclusive basis.