Top Qualities to Develop in Order to Be an Exceptional Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative in any economy. However, to succeed, you need certain qualities. The good thing about these attributes is that they can be developed in the event you find yourself insufficient.


Buying and selling of properties requires a great deal of communication. Because of the time sensitive nature of real estate, as an agent you need to be swift in letting your clients know where they stand with their current selling or buying situation so that they can decisively move to the other potential buyer or property without wasting time. Good real estate agents stay in constant touch with their customers.


Clients require information and agents are supposed to provide this information in real time. Instead of sitting back and waiting until clients get to you, you should be busy chasing new leads and filling in the existing customers. In this way, you will be considered valuable and your profile in the industry will certainly go up.

Client Focus

In real estate, you only get a good deal as the agent when your customer gets a good deal too. This is why you need to put the interests of your customers first. By prioritizing the needs of your clients, they will feel supported, happy and less stressful. This can help you build a relationship that goes beyond the current sale process into repeated purchases.

You should read your clients and get their preferences in check. For instance, some of them may have a preferred mode of communication or specific times within which you can contact them. Don’t overstep their boundaries.

Listening Skills

As an agent, you need to minimize your talk time and allow the client to express themselves. As a matter of fact, industry experts say that one of the telltale signs that you have a problem with your agent is when you cannot even slot a word in because the agent seems to take over every conversation.

Your customer should be the one doing most of the talking while you listen and take notes. Ask all the relevant questions because through this, the customer will know that you are indeed listening and paying attention to what he or she says.


This is a must-have quality if you are to make a good agent. Customers come with different demands and to win them, you have to be flexible enough to fit into their schedules. For instance, some of them may want you to help them buy or sell a property within a given timeframe. However tight this period maybe, you should give the client reassurance that you will do your best to ensure his goals are met.

Real estate is a big money industry and as such honesty and integrity should always interplay to project your image in the right light. Any transactions and dealings must always be transparent and open to scrutiny.


Real Estate Negotiating Tips to Help You Close a Sale

Negotiating is part of our lives and each one of us has at some point negotiated for one thing or the other. The center point of any negotiation is to try and get a deal for yourself without making the other person worse off. It is neither a battle nor a contest but rather a simple strategy that ensures your interests are taken care of without giving too much.

Professionally, the art of negotiation can take your entire lifetime to perfect. However, there are a few negotiation strategies that can help put you ahead even when dealing with unmotivated real estate buyers.

Allow the other Party to Speak First

Letting the buyer speak first gives you the opportunity to define a midpoint. For instance, if he offers $10 million, you can take it to $20 million and finally settle at $ 15 million depending on the value of property at stake. It is human nature to resist giving more for less so people tend to decrease or increase their offers depending on your starting point. The other advantage of allowing the buyer to give his offer first is because there is a possibility his first offer may be much better than the first offer you would have made.

Be a Good Listener

Keeping your mouth shut during negotiations is one of the strongest maneuvers but also a difficult one. Silence brings uncertainty to the buyer and this can make it easy for them to make a concession to break the silence. The next time you are at the negotiating table, wait for the other party to make their offer and remain silent for about 10 to 20 seconds. You will be shocked they may interpret your silence as disappointment or anger prompting them to revise their offer.

Harness the Power of Information

In almost 95% of all negotiations, the party with the most information walks away with the best possible outcome. During real estate negotiations, you should not just have information on the subject of the negotiation, but also try as much as possible to understand the party you are negotiating with especially their motives. Contrary to what many people believe, negotiation is not just about money, but solving a problem.

Always Try to Get the Last Concession

In simple terms, a concession is what the other party is willing to give in a negotiation. It could be better terms, a price drop, or anything they put on the table. The secret to negotiating massive deals like those in the real estate is to ensure you make the other party do what you want without them realizing it. By asking and getting the final concession, the buyer will realize every time he asks for something, there is another thing that he will have to part with in return. This will make him shy away.

Do not fear friction because it is necessary in negotiations. Be wary of negotiations that end smoothly and quickly without a back and forth; someone may be getting the wrong deal.